Fire Places

Fire Places

Do you ever feel like your backyard is missing something? A place for a group to gather and chat comfortably? A fireplace is a great addition to a backyard if you’re looking for a cozy area to sit around during cold Las Vegas nights. If a fire pit would be too small or short of an item for the space you have in mind, having a fireplace built is an option to consider. Fireplaces are similar to outdoor kitchens in that you can customize the material finishes to your liking. This specific fireplace features stucco and stacked stone in the major areas with tile details. These homeowners chose to add an attachment above the fireplace where a TV could be safely placed. Imagine yourself sitting out here with your family enjoying a glass of wine after your Thanksgiving meal. Looks nice doesn’t it?

Fireplaces can be simplistic and strictly serve as a social area or can include multiple attachments and features. Some fireplaces built at BBQ Bill’s included a storage space below the fireplace or to the side of it where fire wood can be stored. Others have had storage chests built into the back of the fireplace structure where firewood and pool toys could be kept. We have also created fireplaces that are attached to kitchen islands and custom built pizza ovens. In the second picture shown, the fireplace stands as the central item in this beautiful outdoor kitchen. Find a new appreciation for your backyard while enjoying a meal with your family next to a warm fire.

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