Island with Smoker

Island with Smoker

For those who take BBQing to the next level, you might be wondering if it’s possible to add a smoker into an outdoor kitchen. The answer is absolutely! Whether you cook with a Kamado Joe, Green Egg, or Blaze Kamado a space can be made in your island for a smoker. This particular island features a Kamado Joe along with a 36” Twin Eagles grill. The Kamado Joe sits at an appropriate height where the homeowner can easily operate the smoker and open and shut the lid without difficulty. Some prefer a barrier bar built in in front of the smoker to avoid any accidents. However, this island does not include that addition. Any outdoor kitchen that we create is highly customizable and built to suit your needs.

While the main focal point of this outdoor kitchen is the addition of the Kamado Joe smoker, it also includes many other key touches. Besides the grill and smoker, there is also a Blaze griddle on the far right side of the island. Griddles can be used for cooking all kinds of food including pancakes, eggs, and vegetables. There are three different cooking options
available on this outdoor kitchen, leaving endless possibilities for cooking outside. These homeowners are the ultimate entertainment outlet, so they have decided to include a round seating area equipped with an umbrella holder for those sunny Las Vegas days. To top things off, next to the grill, you can see a roll down shutter situated directly in front of the sitting area.
This shutter covers an outdoor TV for everyone to enjoy while eating outside. Now, are we grilling hamburgers or hot dogs while we watch some hockey on this beautiful fall night?

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