Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

Do you love pizza? Don’t you wish you could have a pizza oven in your backyard? Well, you can! Pizza ovens are an easy addition to any outdoor kitchen and can simply sit on top of the counter. We carry a wide variety of outdoor rated pizza ovens that are wood fire burning or gas operated. There is also a myriad of sizes to choose from to suit your pizza making needs. Whether you prefer something small just to try it out or something larger to feed a party, we can make it happen. Pizza ovens typically require a number of cooking items for optimal usage and we are able to build in spaces for these items for your convenience.

In this particular outdoor kitchen, the homeowners have chosen a Fontana Marinara wood fire pizza oven to sit on top of a raised counter. Fontana pizza ovens are imported directly from Italy and are available in different sizes and fire options. This island features a space below the pizza oven to store fire logs for cooking. This model of pizza oven would require an overhead clearance that is tall enough for the chimney, which is used for precise temperature control. Off to the side of the pizza oven, small spaces have been left for the pizza peels (spatulas) and cleaning brushes to easily be stored. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to experience delicious Italian pizza when you can have the whole set up steps from your back door.

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