Standard Island

Standard Island

Las Vegas is beginning to see many housing developments finished with gray and modern touches, which is exactly what these homeowners were aiming for while creating their ideal outdoor kitchen. This island features a smooth, gray marble pattern porcelain top that wraps around the sides. The base is coated in a dark Terraneo material that makes the porcelain counter stand out among the brown surrounding areas. The color palette for this outdoor kitchen has the utmost modern appeal and is illuminated with blue LEDs on the rear end of the island which matches the surrounding landscaping lights. Everything ties in perfectly with the stainless steel products featured.

This modern outdoor kitchen is equipped with some of the best quality equipment in the industry. On the right side of the L shaped island, we have a 36” Twin Eagles wood fire pellet grill which features a three-tiered cooking space and internal lights for nighttime cooking. Along with the pellet grill, these homeowners added a Summerset double side burner for an additional cooking source. On the left, the island features a Summerset triple drawer for optimal storage. They have also added a sink for washing meats and vegetables. For an extra dash of luxury, the outdoor kitchen is also equipped with a Summerset outdoor rated refrigerator. Could you think of anything to make an outdoor cooking area more ideal?

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